The Complexity of Our Environment

I care deeply about our environment. I do believe there is climate change. I believe that the increase in concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) is in part due to human activity over the past century and that it has been a cause of global warming. But the sole focus on CO2 emissions is too narrow and there are many contributors that need to be considered. The damage we are doing to our environment is not as simplistic as this; it is far more nuanced. It is also about deforestation and plastics in our oceans; it is about pollution globally. The threats to our environment present a complex and nuanced set of challenges that require a broad set of solutions. Consequently, it has always been my view that all sides must be heard to reach the right conclusion for society as a whole. With a subject as complex as our earth’s environment we must all come together to find the right path to making our world a better place for future generations in an economically and environmentally sustainable way.