Sir Michael Hintze shares his views on sustainability and the environment

Sir Michael Hintze has shared his views on sustainability and the environment, explaining why he believes a multi-faceted approach is needed to tackle the challenges facing our planet:

“Our environment is complex and fragile. I care deeply about our planet. I travel extensively and see for myself the damage the human race is doing to some of our most precious habitats and environments. We have a huge responsibility to future generations.

“I believe there is an anthropogenic effect on the environment. However, the almost exclusive focus on CO2 is too simplistic and misses the point. We are polluting our atmosphere. We are polluting our oceans with plastics and toxic waste. Antibiotics are changing the global biome. Deforestation has led to the loss of important habitats and biodiversity.

“Legislation on CO2 is not enough. We need strong global leadership to think carefully about the allocation of our resources to tackle the environmental challenges our planet faces.”