Sir Michael Hintze Shares Market Insights with Bloomberg During Milken MENA Summit

During the Milken MENA Summit in Abu Dhabi, CQS CEO Sir Michael Hintze shared his insights on recent market movements with Bloomberg. Sir Michael noted that the recent stock sell-off is not a surprise, and that market changes - both up and down - are exacerbated by algorithmic trading. He argued that despite the recent volatility, the fundamentals are still sound and that he remains constructive for markets. Sir Michael also looked ahead to the potential impact of the withdrawal of unconventional monetary policy by central banks, noting that it would not happen overnight and that central banks would be cautious not to undo all the work they have done. He also highlighted the potential impact of China's Belt Road Initiative (BRI) on global markets, noting that some estimate that it will total around US$10 trillion, surpassing the US$8 trillion in quantitative easing (QE) globally. Speaking about the impact of market movements on CQS' investment approach, he noted that CQS sees opportunities in the current environment and that it is always seeking to change and re-align to evolving market environments. Watch the interview: "CQS U.K.'s Hintze Is Not Surprised by Stock Selloff" - Bloomberg