Sir Michael Hintze Presents Stephen Hawking Medals to Buzz Aldrin and Elon Musk

In front of an audience of renowned figures from the science and art communities, CQS founder and Senior Investment Officer Sir Michael Hintze and Brian May presented Stephen Hawking Medals to both Buzz Aldrin and Elon Musk during the opening ceremony of the Starmus V Festival. This prestigious recognition highlights scientific merits and lifetime achievements at an international level. Speaking about the inspiration behind the award, Sir Michael shared these words about Stephen Hawking’s legacy:

“Science is at the heart of our journey. It enables us to better understand our origins, where we have come from and where we might go. Our celebration of Stephen Hawking is about true contribution to science and space. It is about intellectual curiosity, striving for knowledge and discovery about our planet and our universe.”

Presenting Buzz Aldrin with the Stephen Hawking Medal for Lifetime Achievement, Sir Michael noted:

“It is an honour to have met Buzz Aldrin. He and the Apollo team captured the imagination of past and future generations. Science solves problems. On a human level, science spurs our imagination. It inspires us to ask why, what if and how. Space exploration has shown the world what few have experienced and seen.”

Presenting Elon Musk with the Stephen Hawking Medal for Science Communications, Sir Michael noted:

“Elon is a true disruptor. He has a vision and has sparked even greater excitement for future technologies.”

The Starmus Festival, sponsored by CQS and Sir Michael Hintze, is commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing on the moon. Hosted in Zurich, Switzerland, this year’s events follow the theme “A Giant Leap” to discuss innovations and challenges in technology, astrophysics, and science. The international gathering brings together some of the greatest minds in arts and science to share insights during a week of debates, lectures, and performances.