Sir Michael Hintze donates £5m to Natural History Museum

The BBC reports that Sir Michael and Lady Hintze have donated £5m to the Natural History Museum through their philanthropic organisation, the Hintze Family Charitable Foundation, noting that it is the biggest single donation the museum has received in its 133 years.

Commenting on the donation, CQS founder and philanthropist Sir Michael said:

"Our gift recognises the museum's great value as a cultural and scientific institution, enjoyed by millions including ourselves...

"We feel privileged to be able to make a contribution towards securing this centre of scientific knowledge and research for present and future generations."

Museum director Dr Michael Dixon said the gift represented a "big step towards ambitious plans" for the future, both for science and the galleries.

On its website, the Natural History Museum notes that the donation will be used in part to redevelop the museum’s Cromwell Road entrance, to be renamed Hintze Hall in honour of the gift:

This redevelopment is the first part of a long-term vision for galleries and behind-the-scenes spaces at the Museum. It will also consolidate the vast collection, cared for and studied by the Museum, and its laboratory areas. Behind the scenes, 300 scientists use the collection to study problems that threaten Earth’s biodiversity such as the maintenance of delicate ecosystems and the impacts of environmental pollution, as well as the battle against diseases such as malaria.

Culture Secretary Sajid Javid also commented on the gift’s impact, saying:

"Sir Michael has a long and most distinguished record of philanthropy, supporting culture and the arts alongside many other good causes...

"This donation, however, is extraordinary not simply in terms of its scale, but also as a truly magnificent example of philanthropic investment. It will have a real and lasting impact on the Natural History Museum."

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