Risk.net: Michael Hintze’s CQS “plots course for ambitious growth”

In an interview with Risk.net, CQS founder Michael Hintze outlined his ambitions plans for the future of the hedge fund as it diversifies its product base and investment capabilities.

Hintze explained that when he founded CQS in 1999, his aim was to make it more than just another hedge fund. Instead, he wanted to create something that was “important and meaningful, something that was effective, something that was fun.”

The article goes on to explain how, over the last 13 years, Hintze has built CQS into a global powerhouse with $12.1 billion under management and a staff of 251:

So far Hintze attributes CQS’s success to a free exchange of knowledge and an emphasis on deep research while at the same time delivering consistent performance. The open-plan trading floor mixes traders with analysts. With staff now dotted around the globe and those offices likely to increase in number and size, CQS needs to find a way to keep the information flowing.

CQS uses disciplined investment processes together with the judgement of its investment professionals to make money. A combination of quantitative analysis and fundamental research is used to construct diversified portfolios of investment strategies, at present mainly centred around credit.

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