Hintze Family Charitable Foundation Supports Tate’s Acquisition of William Stott’s Le Passeur

The Hintze Family Charitable Foundation has supported Tate’s acquisition of William Stott’s Le Passeur, which is largely considered to be the crowning achievement of the artist’s career.

The work will be featured in a “Spotlight” at the museum through Winter 2017. More information about the acquisition of this important work can be found on Tate’s website:

William Stott (1847–1900) was a leading figure among the group of British artists influenced by French naturalism in the closing decades of the nineteenth century. After Manchester School of Art he trained in Paris and exhibited several works at the Paris Salon. Chief among these was Le Passeur which established Stott’s international reputation…

Le Passeur (The Ferryman) … has been secured for the British public through major gifts from The National Lottery, the Art Fund (with a contribution from the Wolfson Family Foundation) and the Hintze Family Charitable Foundation.

The Hintze Family Charitable Foundation was established in 2005 and has provided funding to over 200 charities. The Foundation’s focus is on Education, Health, the Arts and Religion. Amongst others, funding has been provided to Trinity Hospice in south London, the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity, established the chair of International Security at the University of Sydney and enabled the restoration of Michelangelo’s frescoes in the Pauline Chapel at the Vatican. In the UK, support has been given to the Natural History Museum, The National Gallery, The National Portrait Gallery, the University of Oxford Centre for Astrophysical Surveys, the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Old Vic Theatre in London. Learn more about the foundation’s activities here.