Financial Review reports on Michael Hintze’s Advance Awards address

Financial Review reports on Michael Hintze’s address at the Advance Awards, which recognize the achievements of Australians abroad:

A philanthropist and patron of the arts, Hintze was back on home soil to address an audience at the Advance Awards function in Sydney on Thursday. Advance recognises the achievements of Australians abroad.

Hintze was born in Harbin, China, in July 1953 to Russian refugee parents. Later that year, his parents fled the Chinese revolution and moved to Sydney. He was educated at the University of Sydney and University of NSW. After a three-year stint in the army, a Harvard Business School MBA and a career as a trader, he set up CQS in 1999. It has since become one of the world’s premier hedge funds. Hintze is the portfolio manager of CQS Directional Opportunities fund which in 2012 posted 35.9 per cent returns. Since 2005, his fund has had annualised returns 20.24 per cent.

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