Financial News: “Top London boss warns populist wave may roll on”

Financial News reports on CQS founder Sir Michael Hintze’s predictions of continued political instability in his mid-year report for investors. In the report, Sir Michael noted that the wave of political populism that swept the US and Europe last year could still continue, potentially impacting countries including South Africa, Turkey and France.

From Financial News:

"I think rumours of the demise of populism are premature," Hintze wrote in his latest half-yearly investment letter. Populism could surge in emerging markets "or where leaders such as [French president] Macron seek to implement vital and long overdue reforms," he added…

Hintze, who is also senior investment officer at CQS, which manages around $12bn, also named Mediterranean migration, tension in the Middle East over Qatar, the Trump presidency, and nuclear North Korea as geopolitical risks that could shape global economies later this year. "And I haven't even mentioned Brexit!" he added.

"None of these have affected markets yet; but with each layer of complexity comes fragility which could in time have significant implications," Hintze said.

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