EuroHedge: Citizen of the World

CQS Founder and Senior Investment Officer Sir Michael Hintze is profiled in the July/August edition of EuroHedge. In the article, he discusses his passion for investment, interest in geopolitics and CQS’ development and future direction:

The hedge fund world is not short of colourful characters and idiosyncratic individuals – nor, indeed, of people with some pretty remarkable personal and professional stories. But few have had a more extraordinary journey than Sir Michael Hintze – the British-Australian founder, chief executive and senior investment officer of London-headquartered asset manager CQS.

Born in northern China on the day the Korean War ended, Hintze’s journey as a trader, investor, businessman and philanthropist has been driven by a voracious appetite for information and insight, the desire to create something of lasting value and an aspiration to do good in the world.

Celebrating his sixty-fifth birthday this month, he shows no signs of slowing down. If anything – judging from interviews with colleagues, peers and time spent with the man himself – it is quite the opposite.

Read the full article on the CQS website, here.