Cuffelinks: "Interview with Sir Michael Hintze: why an investing edge needs imagination"

In an interview with Cuffelinks, CQS founder and chief executive Sir Michael Hintze shared his views on why imagination is essential for achieving an investment edge in an evolving global landscape:

“We have models which simulate various scenarios, but the really interesting thing for me is thinking about the problem and using imagination and judgement…For example, looking at the sub-prime market meltdown, you need imagination to say whether it will matter or not, to try to think about the fatter tails, the opportunities.”

During the interview, Sir Michael was also asked about his commitment to philanthropy and to protecting the most fragile in society. He explained his commitment to giving back:

“Society cannot rely solely on the public purse. Prior to the 20th Century, it seldom did. I believe private philanthropy is better placed to motivate and partner with charities. We must take individual responsibility to look after others, it’s our obligation to give back.”

Sir Michael also shared his view on environmental sustainability and conservation, pointing out that it has often been misconstrued:

“I care deeply about our planet and our environment is complex and fragile. For the record, I do think there is anthropogenic climate change and the whole global warming issue is important, but the almost-exclusive focus on CO2 is too simplistic… what about deforestation, use of antibiotics, what about plastic pollution and poisoning the oceans, biodiversity, what about all those critical issues…We need a holistic view and strong global leadership to tackle the environmental challenges our planet faces.”

The interview also addressed Sir Michael’s approach to hiring and managing high-performing staff, and his strategy for staying on top of geopolitical trends. Read more: “Interview with Sir Michael Hintze: why an investing edge needs imagination”- Cuffelinks