Core Values

Growing up in Australia, my grandmother instilled in me a natural obligation to give back –to family, to the community, to the church and beyond forms the basis of civil society.

It has been said that to ‘those to whom much has been given, much is expected.’  Believing this to be true, I have dedicated time and resources throughout my life to causes that reflect a set of personal values: protection for the most fragile in society; fostering aspiration; and respect for institutions.  Many charities reflected these principles and inspire me and I have chosen to support a broad array of groups and people, all of whom I find inspirational.

I believe society and individuals have an obligation to provide a safety net for those unable to take care of themselves. We need to provide a framework to enable people to meet their potential to contribute to society and to foster a sense of self-worth. Just as importantly, we need to honor and respect the institutions that form our social fabric, including the judiciary, police, military and religion. I have aspired to reflect these values in both my philanthropy and my business. For me, being a conduit to help unlock potential is vital. It is exciting and deeply rewarding to help others succeed.

Because society cannot rely solely on the public purse, private giving is critical. The ability of any charitable organization or business to endure is dependent on its ability to be economically self-sustainable. I believe private philanthropy is better placed to enable, motivate, guide and partner with charities. We must take individual responsibility to look after others; it is our obligation to give back.

Philanthropy is a very personal journey for me. I give to those who have given much to my family and me; I give to those institutions that reflect my principles and values and to those who inspire me. The Hintze Family Charitable Foundation has worked with a diverse group of more than 200 charities, and our giving has been driven by my values and personal approach to philanthropy. Candidly, I know no greater pleasure than to give and make a difference in the lives of others.