The Australian: "We need better China ties: Hintze"

Reporting on CQS chief executive Sir Michael Hintze’s speech at The Melbourne Foundation on 8 March, The Australian highlights Sir Michael’s call for more significant ties between Australia and China:

“We need to be more nuanced about our relationship and engagement with China…China is changing the world and they are the emerging global superpower on our doorstep. And it’s their strategic intent, the clarity of their vision and their long-term planning and execution that are the keys to their success. They’re also pragmatic, rarely seeking to impose their system or values on others, as we often do in the West. It allows them to invest where others can’t.”

In his speech, Sir Michael also discussed the current global investment landscape, emphasising that the key to gaining an edge is no longer just access to knowledge: “True Alpha lies in insight and the only way to create insight from knowledge is through imagination. For that imagination to be effective, you need context and deep analysis.” Read more: “We need better China ties: Hintze” - The Australian (subscription required)