AFR: “Billionaire Michael Hintze is betting on the farm”

In an interview with Australian Financial Review’s BOSS Magazine, CQS founder and chief executive Sir Michael Hintze explained how his experience growing up in Australia laid the foundations for his success later in life. From arriving with his family as stateless refugees to joining the Australian Army, he described how living in the country has shaped his perspective and approach:

“When I was a young bloke, I used to do a lot of bushwalking. We would sit down and plan it: work out how many places you are going to, work out how long it will take, how many calories you are going to burn. You work it out and then you calculate it for three, four, five days. Not too many people did that; I wasn’t part of the scouts or anything, I just did it myself… [Later, joining the Australian Army] taught me how to work with and respect people with a diverse range of backgrounds and abilities up and down the chain of command.”

Sir Michael also discussed his decision to invest heavily in the agriculture and agritech sector through his company MH Premium Farms, building a large portfolio of rural properties focused primarily in Australia:

“The population is getting bigger and they are going to eat more. I’ve bought a lot of stuff, it’s diversified, I have significant holdings in sheep, meat and wool. Significant holdings in arable, obviously cotton and sugar…We’re well positioned to benefit from growing demand, as the world’s population grows from 7 billion to 9 billion, with exciting developments in agritech. I’m personally convinced of this and have invested heavily.”

Finally, Sir Michael discussed founding and building CQS, and noted his approach to generating returns in a complex geopolitical environment:

“In today’s world, the biggest challenge is that knowledge has become a commodity…You start with noise – a plethora of prices, news and events – you have to structure that into data sets to create information and do more work on it to create knowledge. The problem is that because of education and data services, many can get to that knowledge…True Alpha [active return on investment] lies in insight and the only way to create insight from knowledge is through imagination.”

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