AFR and The Age Highlight Sir Michael Hintze’s Predictions for 2018

In an article detailing leading investors’ predictions for global markets in 2018, Australian Financial Review and The Age highlight Sir Michael Hintze’s analysis of geopolitical risk in the coming year:

The good news is the billionaire investor also remains positive on the broad outlook over the medium term, pointing out…that the global economy is growing and corporate earnings with it.
Crucially, Hintze, who runs a credit fund, does "not see inflation as a threat".
"While some rise [in inflation] is to be expected, I do not believe we are going back to the 1970s," Hintze says. "We are all familiar with the effect of technology and artificial intelligence on labour and this type of 'substitution' is happening throughout the global economy. It is clearly disinflationary."
Geopolitics remains on Hintze's mind, and as he looks into 2018 he points to many "known unknowns", including potential conflict in North Korea, confrontations across the Middle East and "challenges to stable government in Western democracies and to the US-centric global system".

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